I needed a makeup artist for a photo shoot for work. I had never had this done before besides at the mall, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got her info from word of mouth, so I had heard excellent things about her beforehand.

Katie made me feel so at ease. She really dolled me up. I felt like a beauty queen that day! I wish I could have her on speed dial like a magic genie! If you want to feel beautiful for the day, you should call this girl. She is on top of all the new hairstyles too, and she did my hair that same day. It was a day to remember! I hope I get to use her again. – Rachel S.

Katie and her team did my hair and makeup plus 8 bridesmaids along with the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom on my wedding day. Eleven ladies in all! She did the most amazing job- not only in doing my makeup (I looked like a movie star!), but she did the best job at keeping everything on time and calm. She did touch ups for everyone and even came to the church right before I walked down the isle to make sure I LOVED every detail! All of my bridesmaids also commented on how easy she was to work with and how lovely her work was. She will take your needs and wants into consideration. Katie also uses only the best products.

I’ve had Katie do everyday looks for me as well and she is fantastic! Her prices are very fair and competitive for the Bay Area. I’d recommend her for any hair or makeup need! She is the best!!! – Anne C.

Five stars for Katie! I needed to have my hair and makeup done for a personal brand photo shoot I did a few months ago, and she was all around amazing. Katie has it all going for her – integrity, talent, intuition, fun, did I mention talent?? Someone suggested her to me, and when I looked at the portfolio on her website, I instantly knew I had to work with her. Everyone she works on looks classy, graceful and gorgeous. I had no idea what I wanted so I told her to just work her magic, and she did. Well worth it to hire a pro like Katie. – Eleanor T.

Katie cut my hair Halloween weekend and I was so happy…took the pony out and started wearing it down…I felt sassy and sexy!

I am a procrastinator so it took me this long to write a review…my hair still looks great even though I’m due for another….can’t wait…hope she can fit me in soon!

Next color too….I’ve seen her work and am in her hands! – Maya K.